“Monster Games”

The idea behind the “Monster Games” sessions is to provide an opportunity to play games that are too long to play on games nights.  The idea is that we will choose a game in advance so that players have a chance to read the rules for themselves and to try to avoid players making a mess of their first move and spend the next three or four hours wishing they had done something different.  Numbers are necessarily limited due space considerations and the number of players games can accommodate, so the idea is to advertise the game to the group by email on a first come first served basis.

This is a list of the “Monster Game” Sessions that we’ve had:

Date  Game(s) Players
14th January 2017 Three Kingdoms Redux (2014) Blue, Pink & Black
21st January 2017 Elfenroads (1992)
Best Treehouse Ever (2015)
El Grande (Decennial Edition, 2006)
Blue, Pink, Black & Purple
Blue, Black & Purple
Blue, Pink, Black, Purple & Pine
12th February 2017 Roads & Boats (1999)
Roll for the Galaxy (2014)
Blue, Pink, Black & Purple
Blue, Pink, Black & Purple
29th May 2017 Mijnlieff (2010)
Tikal (1999)
Green & Violet
Blue, Pink, Green & Violet
15th July 2017 Sagrada (2017)
Playtesting (2017)
Black, Purple & Harlequin
Blue, Pink, Black & Purple
27th December 2017 TBC

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