Other Local Clubs

Aside from boardGOATS, there are a lot of gaming groups that meet locally.  Here are a few of them with some details:

  • Didcot Games Group
    Our “sister club”, many of the GOATS also meet in the bar at the Loop Stadium on the Friday of the alternate week.  Gamers  begin to arrive from 7.30 pm, but gaming doesn’t usually start until 8 pm (as people tend to bring fish and chips).  At the moment attendance is free, but it is a good idea to get in touch with the organisers to check the location as it occasionally moves to Abingdon…
  • Faringdon Games Evening
    Once a month there is an evening of “Continental Board and Card Games” at the Pump House in Swan Lane, Faringdon.  The event is a lighter, more family friendly than boardGOATS, runs from 6.30pm until 9pm and is free.
  • Faringdon Games Group
    The Faringdon Games Group meet on Thursdays at about 7.30 pm in the Old Crown in Faringdon. Attendance is free and details are available from their FaceBook group.
  • Oxford Meeples
    The Meeples meet weekly on Tuesdays at Wolvercote Village Hall near Oxford.  They play a wide range of games including board, card, dice and role-play games.  There is no charge for the first few visits, though there is a membership fee of £12 membership and a £3 attendance fee (£4 for non-members).  They also organise the Big DoG events which are held roughly every three months.
  • Oxford On Board
    This group meet weekly on Mondays at a pub in central Oxford and play a range of Euro board and card games.  Venues and times are arranged through meetup.com, though they usually start at 7 pm and finish at about 10.30 pm.
  • “Games for a Laugh”
    The Abingdon Gamers meet weekly on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm at the King’s Head & Bell pub in Abingdon. Attendance is free and details are available on joining the closed group on FaceBook.
  • meeplemapper.com
    These are just the most local groups.  For information more information, MeepleMapper is an online mapping tool for finding shops, groups and events – all that’s needed is a post code.

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