About boardGOATS

We are a small group of  boardGamers that meet On Alternate Tuesdays in Stanford-in-the-Vale, Oxfordshire.  We meet fortnightly in the Horse and Jockey pub on the A417 (the main Wantage to Faringdon road).

The Horse and Jockey
– Image by boardGOATS

We generally prefer to play “Euro” style games i.e. modern games that tend to have a lot of player interaction and varying amounts of strategy (though we are open to suggestions and will try most things at least once).  The advantages of these games include:

  • Everybody plays till the end – in most games it is impossible for someone to lose and end up watching for the rest of the game;  games are often designed to help people at the back catch up too, so you always feel you are in with a chance
  • They are not too random – although luck can be important, you rarely win just because you rolled lots of sixes
  • They are usually very pretty – while looks aren’t everything it’s so much nicer to play with beautiful pieces
  • They are Fun!

Although you are unlikely to find many of the games we play in Toys-R-Us, lots of them are readily available and with the internet you can buy almost anything these days!

The boardGOATIf any of this intrigues you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch (or through Twitter, FaceBook or Tumblr. if you prefer), or just come along;  a friendly welcome awaits novices and veterans alike.  You don’t have to know any rules or how to play the games at all, as we explain as we go along.

So come along, grab a pint or a coffee from the bar, and join us for our next meeting or see our calendar for dates.



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