13th Movember 2012

This week there were only four of us so we took the oportunity to play something a little heavier.  So, we started out as soon as everyone had arrived at 8pm.  The game was very new, only released in the last couple of months, and called Snowdonia.

In this game, players are struggling to build a railway up Mount Snowdon fighting the mist, rain and navvies that keep running back to the pub.  It was clearly quite a big advantage to have played the game before as the two players who were familiar with it ended up in a very tight race for first and second.  However, the game is so finely balanced that one or two errors early on by the others probably had quite a large impact on the two front runners.  Definitely a game to give another go sometime after it has had time to sink in.


We only had time for one other game, and that was the “Feature Game”, Bohnanza.  This is a card trading and set collecting game where players are bean farmers.  Most of us had played this before, but it is such a nice light game that keeps everyone involved throughout that it was a great way to end the evening.  The final score had everyone within five points and the winner decided on a tie-break.


Learning Outcome: Sometimes, Snowdonia can be very sunny (but only in board games!).

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