27th Movember 2012

This week, some of the group turned up early to sample the food the pub offers (which was really rather good), and two people managed to squeeze in a very quick “learning game” of Mr. Jack Pocket before it arrived.  Mr. Jack is an asymmetric two player game, that is to say, the protagonists have different goals.  One plays “Mr. Jack” who is trying to escape, the other plays “The Investigator” who is trying to deduce who Mr. Jack is masquerading as.  This version was the travel version, but is still just as much a brain burner as its big brother despite the diminutive size of the box.

Mr. Jack Pocket

Just as the diners finished, the others arrived giving us a total of five people who had braved the flood water.  After a quick game sale, we started the “Feature Game”,  Eketorp.  This is a game where players attempt to gather resources to build their Viking stronghold on the Swedish island of Öland.  In this game players try to second guess which resources the others don’t choose, with a battle and a potential extended stay in the hospital as the reward for failure.


Next, after some discussion we decided to play Citadels.  Citadels is a role selection and city building game.  Each round, players choose a role to aid them building their city, and each is called in turn to perform their turn.  The first of these is the Assassin, then the Thief, then Magician, then the King etc.  You have to be particularly careful of the first three, as (for example) the thief seemed to think royalty was a good target.


The last game was a very quick game called Dobble (aka “Spot It”), so we had several goes.  There are lots of different ways to play this, but basically it is Snap, except that each card has more than one symbol.  The idea is to call a correct match more often and faster than everyone else.  Apparently every card has exactly one matching symbol, though a number of disbelievers amongst us felt the need to check…


Learning Outcome: Beware the magician who steals all your cards (though perhaps you deserve it if you set the example).

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