boardGOATS Get Thirsty!

So, we still haven’t been able to arrange our special group outing to the Oxford’s first boardgame café, the Thirsty Meeples.  However, individually, we’ve been unable to resist its lure and one by one, we have been visiting. One of the GOATS went along for during their “Week of Wonder”, and managed to snag a game of Relic Runners with its designer Matthew Dunstan.  Actually, he enjoyed it so much that he managed a sneak a second game…

Another couple of GOATS made it on Saturday evening and played Mr. Jack in New York and Carcassonne:  The Castle.  This was also a memorable event thanks to a power cut that closed all the other businesses in central Oxford, including the Cinema.  It left only the Thirsty Meeples open in the whole of Gloucester Green, thanks to its particularly effective emergency lighting.

All visitors were very impressed and resolved to visit again soon.

Thirsty Meeples