Boardgames in the News: Are Games Getting Cheaper?

There have been a lot of good deals about recently.  First there was Black Friday.  This traditionally American festival of consumerism occurs on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and this year even affected some of the online Boardgame sellers in the UK – anyone for Grog Island at £15?  Then there were the Amazon “Lightening Deals”.  These are deals that are advertised in advance with a specific start time and a limited stock.  This year, we’ve had King of Tokyo and Dominion at £15 each.

The latest one beats all these though.  Thanks to a malfunction in the software used by third-party sellers to ensure their products are the cheapest on the market, prices were reduced to as little as 1p.  Reports suggest that one buyer bought ninety-five board games that should have cost £12.99 each for 99p each!  Ooops.

Amazon Glitch
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