Boardgames in the News: Boardgame Café New Year Round-up

More and more boardgame cafés are opening in the UK.  One of the first, Thirsty Meeples opened in Oxford two and a half years ago, and since then, there have been a number of other boardgame cafés opening using a similar model, including the Games Hub in Edinburgh; Dice and Donuts in Preston; Counters in Cardiff; Dice in Portsmouth, and Draughts in Hackney, London.

The Dice Cup Café
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This month, Paradice Board Games Café in Bromley, London, and The Dice Cup in Nottingham are opening.  Like Dice and Donuts, The Dice Cup was the result of a successful KickStarter campaign last year.  Hoping to emulate their success, fund-raising for Chance and Counters in Bristol begins on January 11th.  Bristol has something of a history of speciality pubs:  last year their first and very popular “cat pub” was opened, so hopefully the KickStarter project for the games café will be just as successful.

The Bag of Nails
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