Boardgames in the News: International TableTop Day 2016 – Save the Date

On 2nd April 2012, actress Felicia Day launched Geek & Sundry multimedia production company.  It was part of Google’s Original Channel initiative, a one hundred million dollar project to bring new and original content to YouTube as a means to kick-start GoogleTV.  One of the original three programs on the Geek & Sundry Channel was TableTop, a largely unscripted web series about boardgames, co-created and presented by Wil Wheaton (who is perhaps better known as Wesley Crusher in a former life).  The series has been highly successful, especially in the US where it has been credited with increasing sales of the games featured (the so-called “Wheaton Effect”).

Wil Wheaton
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To celebrate the launch of the program and of tabletop gaming in general, Geek & Sundry founded International TableTop Day. Inevitably originally US centred, over time, the initiative has spread so that now, every spring, gamers host thousands of events all over the world, and every year, the event grows.  Although boardGOATS are not currently planning anything specifically for International TableTop Day this year, there is lots going on nearby in Reading.  The Reading Boardgames Social group is holding two full days of gaming at the Reading Ukrainian Community Centre on Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May and Eclectic Games are also holding holding events during opening hours on the day itself (Saturday 30th April).  There will almost certainly be more events in Oxford as well, so put the date in your diary!

International TableTop Day
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