Boardgames in the News: When is Amazon Packaging not Packaging?

Answer:  When it’s a game box…

– Image by reddit contributor Zepheus

It is not unknown for games bought in online auctions to be shipped in a bin bag, or worse, with just a sticky label stuck to the box.  While ignorance is no defence, it is arguable that caveat emptor could apply in such cases.  Nobody would expect such treatment from a reputable seller and yet there has been a trend of such behaviour in the USA for some time from  There are now reports of the same happening with parcels shipped by and  With it seems that the thing to look out for is a comment on the item page that says, “This item’s packaging will indicate what is inside and cannot be hidden“.  Examples are very hard to find on, but most games on and many on exhibit this text.  The Prodigals Club is one example and in such a case case, a box can be added for no extra charge when selecting delivery options.  It is possible that this trend is a result of the new “same day shipping” which has now made it to Europe, so in time it may affect more items.  With Christmas approaching and the inevitable last minute purchases, buyers beware – it may be that items other than games are affected too…

Amazon Packaging
– Image by boardGOATS