Christmas GOATS – 2016

For the last few years, on New Year’s Eve, we have had a bit of a party in a private house with a bite to eat followed by games.  These things rapidly become “tradition”, so this year we are once again holding the now “traditional”, New Year’s Eve Games Night.  In the past, because of the way the holidays have fallen, this has replaced a normal Tuesday games night, but this year, we will holding both!  So the next two meetings will be, Wednesday 28th December, at the Horse and Jockey pub and Saturday 31st December, at “Barney’s House”, sorry – wrong link, “Barney’s House”.  The pub is also holding their usual Thursday night Quiz, and some of us will be going along on 30th to make up a GOATS team.  These are in addition to the normal meeting on 13th December and 10th January 2017.  More details will follow nearer the time, but we look forward to seeing everyone at New Year.

Barney's House
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