Next Meeting – 24th January 2017

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 24th January, at the Horse and Jockey pub in Stanford-in-the-Vale.  As usual, we will be playing shorter games from 7.30pm as people arrive, until 8pm when we will start something a little longer.

This week the “Feature Game” will be Bohemian Villages, which is a tactical dice-rolling game that allows you to claim different types of buildings in shared villages and use the powers of those buildings.

Bohemian Villages
– Image by boardGOATS

And talking of Villages…

The village elder was setting out to a meeting of the heads of local villages.  He had only just started on his way (on foot, of course), when Jeff called out from behind asking him to wait. When he caught up, Jeff asked where the elder was going and whether he could accompany him on his journey. The village elder explained that he was going to the nearby town to represent their village at a meeting with other village leaders.

Jeff looked impressed and fell silent for a few minutes as they continued to walk on steadily, side by side.  Then he said, thoughtfully, “That’s an awfully old coat you’re wearing. It’s worn at the elbows and, look, there’s a stain right down the front. What kind of impression will it give of our village at the regional meeting?”

The village elder was a little annoyed, but he knew that Jeff meant well so he overlooked the remarks. He merely replied in mild tones that it couldn’t be helped because he didn’t have another coat.  Jeff had an idea though, “I know, why don’t I lend you my coat? It’s brand new, and you will be able to hold up your head and our village’s reputation at the meeting.”

The village elder was going to decline, but thought better of it, especially when he saw how eagerly Jeff was making his generous offer.  So they stopped and exchanged coats right there on the road, and continued on their way.

By and by they saw a traveller coming toward them from the other direction.  As they neared each other, Jeff greeted him eagerly and with a proud, proprietary air launched in on energetic introductions.  “Good morning, sir! This is our village elder. He is going to the local town for a meeting of village elders, and the coat he’s wearing is mine!”

This embarrassed elder no end, and as soon as the traveller was out of earshot he turned on Jeff and said to him angrily, “Why did you have to mention that the coat was yours? Don’t do that again, do you hear? It is injurious to my standing as the village elder.”

Immediately contrite, Jeff readily agreed, and so they continued on their way once again. After a few more miles they saw in the distance another traveller coming slowly toward them, and the village elder looked hard at Jeff and said, “Remember, don’t tell him that the coat is yours.”

Jeff assured him that he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, and the elder breathed a sigh of relief. As they met the traveller, Jeff again took it upon himself to introduce his illustrious companion, “Good afternoon, sir! This is our village elder. He is going to the local town for a meeting of village elders, and the coat he’s wearing is… his own.”

As soon as they were at a safe distance from the second traveller, the village elder stopped in his tracks, faced Jeff, took him by the shoulders and glared angrily into his eyes.  The elder said, “Listen here, what did you mean by that remark? You drew even more attention to the coat by saying it was mine. There is no need to mention the coat at all. If we come upon another traveller, please, please, don’t say anything about the coat again! Do you understand me?”

Jeff assured the village elder that he did indeed understand and that he would never again make the mistake. He was clearly so very sorry that the elder was soon ashamed of having lost his temper. He made his peace with the poor fellow and they set on their way once again. They were nearing their destination when they saw in the distance another traveller making his way toward them. The elder gave Jeff a meaningful look, and Jeff nodded reassuringly, as if to say, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it under control.”

Soon they were close enough for Jeff to begin his introductions, a task which he took very seriously and of which he never seemed to tire.  “Good afternoon, sir! This is our village elder. He is going to the local town for a meeting of village elders, but don’t ask me about the coat he is wearing, I don’t know anything about it!”