Next Meeting – 25th July 2017

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, 25th July, at the Horse and Jockey pub in Stanford-in-the-Vale.  As usual, we will be playing shorter games from 7.30pm as people arrive, until 8pm when we will start something a little longer.

This week the “Feature Game” will be Kingdomino, a light tile-laying game borrowing aspects from Carcassonne and Dominoes with an interesting auction mechanic.  Although we’ve played it a lot recently, everyone seems to like Kingdomino and this week we have chosen to celebrate its recent award of the coveted German Game of the Year or Spiel des Jahres.

– Image by boardGOATS

And talking of winning…

Jeff was catching a long-distance train and found himself sitting next to a pretty blond American girl. Jeff asked the young lady if she would like to play a game and explained how it works.

“I ask you a question,” he explained, “And if you don’t know the answer you pay me, then we switch.”

The blond replied, “That’s not fair, I never even finished high school!”

“That’s OK,” replied the Jeff.  “If you don’t know the answer you pay me only £50, but if I don’t know the answer, I will pay you £250.”

The American girl eventually agreed and Jeff asked the first question, “What’s the distance from the earth to the moon?”

The blonde didn’t say a word and handed over £50 and then it was her turn.  She asked Jeff, “What goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four?”

Jeff looked puzzled. He took out his smart phone and searched everywhere he could. Frustrated, he phoned some friends and co-workers, all to no avail.  The train was due to arrive and Jeff had spent well over an hour of searching for the answer, but finally he gave up and handed the fair American £250.  The girl didn’t say anything and eventually Jeff’s curiosity got the better of him so he asked, “Well, what IS the answer?”

The blonde American didn’t answer, instead just handed over £50.