Boardgames in the News: Meeples vs Tequila Slammers

Last week, a team of boardgamers were pitted against three lovers of Latin cuisine, on the quiz show, Only Connect.  Only Connect is an unusual program that takes pride in being esoteric, challenging teams of contestants make connections between apparently unconnected things.  The team of Meeples included Gail Trimble who led the Corpus Christi College team to the final of University Challenge in 2009.  Although Corpus Christi beat the team from Manchester by eighty-five points, they were later disqualified after an investigation revealed that one of Gail’s teammates finished studying at Corpus Christi while the series was being recorded.  Now back in Oxford, Gail currently holds the position of associate professor in Classical Languages and Literature.  Proving that gaming is a family affair, Gail was joined on Only Connect last week by her husband Tom West and her brother Hugh.  Amongst other things, this episode featured groups of geometric shapes, lucky statues, and micro-genres on Netflix.  The Meeples took an early lead, and despite failing to solve their “Wall”, progressed safely onto the next round. The episode is available to watch on iPlayer until the end of the month.

Meeples on Only Connect
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