Next Meeting – 19th September 2017

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, 19th September, at the Horse and Jockey pub in Stanford-in-the-Vale.  As usual, we will be playing shorter games from 7.30pm as people arrive, until 8pm when we will start something a little longer.

This week the “Feature Game” will be Battle Kittens, which is a quick-playing card drafting game with a ninja-cat theme.  The idea is that players draft kitten cards then choose which kittens to put into each of the three different battle arenas.

Battle Kittens
– Image by boardGOATS

And talking of ninja cats…

Jeff was driving through the city when a policeman stopped him and asked him about the Siberian Lynx in the passenger seat.

“What are you doing with that Siberian Lynx?” he exclaimed, “You should take it to the zoo.”

Jeff replied, “Certainly Officer, that’s just where we are going.”

The following week, the same policeman saw Jeff in his car, once more with the cat next to him in the front seat.  This time, of them were wearing sunglasses.  The policeman pulled him over.

“I thought you were going to take that cat to the zoo!”

Jeff replied, “I did. We had such a good time we are going to the beach this weekend!”