Next Meeting – 14th May 2019

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 14th May, at the Horse and Jockey pub in Stanford-in-the-Vale.  As usual, we will be playing shorter games from 7.30pm as people arrive, until 8pm when we will start something a little longer.

This week the “Feature Game” will be Powerships, a mad space-ship racing game where players roll dice and try to navigate their craft traveling great distances around a galactic race course, dodging planets, space dust… and each other.

– Image by boardGOATS

And speaking of the vast distances in space…

Jeff and his mate Joe were sitting on a bench one evening talking about where they were going on holiday and watching the moon rise over rural Oxfordshire.  Jeff commented that he’d had been thinking about going to Australia as he’d heard that there were loads of gorgeous girls there.  Joe liked the sound of that, but was concerned about how far away it was.  Jeff shrugged—he knew it was a long way, but wasn’t sure how far.

There was a moment of silence, then Joe asked, “Which do you think is farther away, Australia or the moon?”

Jeff pointed at the sky and said, “Duh! Can you see Australia from here???”