Boardgames in the News: Learning to Drive in Sierra Leone

In the UK, there are two significant hurdles to learning to drive:  the theory test and the practical examination.  In Sierra Leone, there is a third step, playing the board game.  The game is called The Driver’s Way and is a “Roll and Move” type game where players to roll traffic-light-themed dice and move model cars around a board.  The game aims to teach learners the rules of the road in a more entertaining way than standard textbooks.

The Driver's Way
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Sierra Leone is a country with limited infrastructure where road fatalities are high.  The creator of the game, police chief Morie Lenghor, said that a result of ignorance of the highway code is the root cause of most crashes, and that “most drivers don’t even understand half the road signs”.  Learners are recommended to spend a few months practicing with the game, which costs less than £10 (although that doesn’t take into account differences in living costs and earning power).