Next Meeting, 8th June 2021 – Online!

Spring is here, the evenings are getting brighter and it really feels like the end is in sight, maybe.  People still need what social contact they can get though, and board games are a great medium for that.  Despite the limitations of “remote gaming“, everyone feels it is important to stay in touch, so we are persisting with online meetings.  Therefore, our next meeting will be on Tuesday 8th June 2021; we will gather from around 7.30pm, and start playing at 8pm.

This week, the “Feature Game” will be the Fortune expansion to Tiny Towns, a cute little area control, resource management and town building game.  The expansion allows a little additional flexibility giving players the opportunity to acquire gold and then spend it so they can choose their own resources.

Tiny Towns: Fortune
– Image by boardGOATS

And talking of fortunes…

After his rich uncle’s death, Jeff was very anxious about his uncle fortune.

“Am I mentioned in the will?” he repeatedly asked the solicitor.

“Of course you are,” the solicitor replied pointing, “Right here on the second page…”

Jeff read aloud, “To my niece Sally, I bequeath £123,000; to my cousin Thomas, £55,000; and to my nephew Jeff, who was always asking whether he was mentioned in my will, HELLO JEFF! I didn’t forget to mention you, did I?”