Next Meeting, 10th February 2022

We are still meeting on Thursdays for the time being, so, our next meeting will be on THURSDAY 10th February 2022.  We will start playing shorter games from 7.30pm as people arrive, until 8pm when we will start something a little longer (table is booked from 6.30pm for those who would like to eat first).

This week, the “Feature Game” will be Pick Picknic.  This is a light, hand-management, double-think game that plays quickly and is a lot of fun.  We’ve played it before, but with some uncertainty about plans, it seems a good choice as it will give a foundation for other games later.  The idea is that players have to decide whether to go for the corn and risk getting eaten or play their fox and risk starving.

Pick Picknic
– Image by BGG contributor kilroy_locke

And speaking of foxes…

A man goes went into Jeff’s pet shop and asked the owner for something amazing, but cheap. Jeff replied that he had a talking fox he was selling for just £20.

The man said, “How ridiculous, foxes can’t talk and even if they could why would you sell him so cheap?!”

While they were speaking, a fox comes over, puts his paw on the desk to interrupt and said, “Actually I can talk. I’ve written three books and climbed up Mount Everest for the fifth time just last week too.”

The man was astonished. “Wow!” he exclaimed. He turned to Jeff, “But why is it so cheap?”

Jeff replied, “I just can’t take the lies anymore.”