Next Meeting, 24th February 2022

We are meeting on Thursdays until the end of March, so, our next meeting will be on THURSDAY 24th February 2022.  We will start playing shorter games from 7.30pm as people arrive, until 8pm when we will start something a little longer (table is booked from 6.30pm for those who would like to eat first).

This week, the “Feature Game” will be PARKS.  In this game, players take on the role of two hikers as they trek through different trails. Whilst on the trail, the hikers take actions and collect memories of the places they visit. Collecting memories in sets allows players to trade them in for a visit to a National Park at the end of each hike.

– Image by BGG contributor kalchio

And speaking of hiking…

Jeff and his mate Joe were out hiking when Jeff looked down and saw some tracks.
“Hey Joe, look! Deer tracks!” he exclaimed.

Joe looked over and answered, “Those aren’t deer tracks, those are rabbit tracks!”

After about ten minutes of bickering about what type of tracks they were, they got hit by a train…