Boardgames in the News: International TableTop Day (or Days…)

International TableTop Day began in 2013 as a way for the world to celebrate tabletop gaming together. Sponsored and promoted by Wil Wheaton and his YouTube show, “TableTop”, International TableTop Day was the held in spring or early summer.  Sadly, TableTop was sold and, after an alleged spat, it quietly died.  As a result, International TableTop Day hasn’t been “officially” celebrated since 2019.  Online searches still give various dates for it however (as well as for other occasions), but while some say 1st June, some name the first Saturday in June, and others come up with their own date.  For example, this year, the games retailer, Zatu, marked Friday 3rd June with a special offer in its name.

International Tabletop Day at Zatu
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With UK Games Expo held on the first weekend in June, lots of people in this country will be “celebrating” by playing games, while this year, others will be marking the Queen’s 70th Jubilee by spending time with family, friends, and neighbours.