Next Meeting – 19th March 2013

The next meeting is on Tuesday 19th March playing shorter games from 7.30pm as people arrive, until 8pm when we will start something a little longer.

The “Feature Game” will be Carcassonne, which is one of the classic “modern” games where players lay tiles and play “Meeples” to score points.  We chose this game as it is we hope to have some new gamers and this is a very accessible game that is easy for new players to get to grips with.  Equally, if the new players are unable to come, it can be a fairly quick game and played “nasty”…


And talking about tiles…

A builder was talking to his assistant Jeff, “I have a question for you Jeff.”

“OK,” replied Jeff, “What is it?”

“We’ll,” says his boss, “What’s the difference between a tile and a crocodile?”

Jeff, who hates riddles, sighed and rolled his eyes.  “I don’t know,” he answered, “What IS the difference between a tile and a crocodile?”

“That answers that question then,” says the builder, “I guess I’d better not send you to the hardware store!”