Next Meeting – 2nd April 2013

The next meeting is on Tuesday 2nd April playing shorter games from 7.30pm as people arrive, until 8pm when we will start something a little longer.

The “Feature Game” will be Coloretto, which is a simple card game where players have to collect sets of coloured chameleons.  We played it once before and have chosen it this time because we hope to have some new gamers and it is a very accessible game that is easy for new players to get to grips with.


And talking about chameleons…

One day, a pet chameleon called Jeff fell off a table.  Being only a small chameleon who was easily stressed and the drop being quite large, he got very anxious and needed a lot of calming down.

The next day, Jeff was quietly sunning himself on a window sill, when a dog jumped up and barked giving him a real fright so his owner had to calm him down again.

The day after that was Guy Fawkes’ Night and Jeff heard some fireworks go off outside, so he hid under the table and it was midnight before his owner could calm him down and coax him back out.

The following evening Jeff got all worried when his owner was a bit late feeding him and he needed to be calmed down before he could be fed.

About a week later Jeff got stuck in the back of a cupboard and was all alone for a few hours and it was dark and scary, so, once he’d found him, his owner need to calm him down again.

Yesterday Jeff fell off a table again, but these days he’s a calmer, calmer, calmer, calmer, calmer chameleon…