Next Meeting – 25th June 2013

The next meeting is on Tuesday 25th June playing shorter games from 7.30 pm as people arrive, until 8 pm when we will start something a little longer.

This week the “Feature Game” is Incan Gold, which is a light “push-your-luck” card game where players are going down a mine and trying to get out with as many gems as possible before it collapses.  We’ve chosen this game as it is not too long, very accessible and we should be able to play two or three others suited to whoever turns up.

Incan Gold

And talking of mining…

Jeff bought a Thermos flask for working down the pit because he was told it kept hot things hot, and cold things cold.

He proudly took it to work the next day and when they took a break his mate noticed the flask. “What’ve you got in there Jeff?  I could just do with a drop of tea!”

“Sorry,” Jeff said, “I’ve only got coffee and ice-pops in it…”