Next Meeting – 31st December 2013

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 31st December and, as it is New Year’s Eve will be a bit of a party with pizza and nibbles.  Following the fire at the Jockey, the party will be held in a private house in Stanford.  Please get in touch if you would like to come along so we know how much pizza to make.

The plan is to start off early with the “Feature Game”, which, like last year, will be the gorgeous, dexterity car-racing game, PitchCar.  Then we will have something to eat, rearrange the tables and play something a little longer and maybe set off some fireworks at midnight.


And talking of New Year…

The New Year’s Eve party had turned into a regular marathon with numerous guests coming and going.

At one point, a man knocked on the door, was greeted heartily although no one knew who he was, and was led to the bar in the basement.  He sat there happily for a couple of hours before a strange light dawned on his face.

“You know,” he confided to his host, “I wasn’t even invited to this party. I just came over to tell you that some of your guests’ cars are blocking my driveway.”

The guest paused a moment and then continued, “My wife’s been sitting out in the car waiting for me to get them moved…”