Next Meeting – 25th March 2014

Following the fire at the Jockey, our next meeting on Tuesday 25th March will be held in a private house in Stanford.  Please get in touch if you would like to come along and would like directions.  As usual, we will be playing shorter games from 7.30pm as people arrive, until 8pm when we will start something a little longer.

Since we didn’t get to play it last month, the “Feature Game” will again be Sushi Draft!.  This game is similar to 7 Wonders in that it is based on “card drafting”, however, the aim is far less complex.  The story goes that the children are having a competition to see who can eat the most of one type of sushi at a Japanese family feast.  Mother, however, wants the children to eat a balanced diet, and will give pudding to the one who eats the most varied meal.  Therefore, the aim of the game is to try to do both…!

Sushi Draft

And talking of Japanese food…

It was their wedding anniversary, so Jeff and his wife went out for a meal in a posh Japanese restaurant.  When they arrived, the waiter asked whether they had a reservation, but as Jeff had forgotten it was a “special day” he hadn’t had time to make a booking.  “No problem,” said the waiter, “I’ll see if I can find a table for two.”

As they were waiting for a table to be prepared, Jeff’s wife couldn’t help noticing a fish tank full of beautiful tropical fish. She turned to Jeff and said, “I would love some fish like that for our aquarium at home.”

Jeff agreed, keen to make up for his earlier faux pas, agreed that they were beautiful and asked the waiter what the fish were called.

The waiter replied, “Sushi…”