Boardgames in the News: Regular Boardgame Coverage on the BBC

The popularity of modern boardgames is spreading, and with it, there is an increase in the media profile.  There have always been occasional mainstream games articles (like those covering the legal case surrounding whether Bridge is a sport and the latest playing piece in Monopoly) and games have occasionally featured in TV programs too.  These are relatively frivolous, but The Guardian has a regular, thriving games column which frequently includes items on boardgames, and even our local Round and About has had feature articles.  Now, the BBC is getting in on the act.

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VideoGaiden was a BBC Scotland production covering computer games, that began in 2005.  The program began as a series of ten minute shorts, growing to full half-hour episodes before it was moth-balled in 2007.  Nearly ten years later, it is now being brought back for six online episodes and one televised special.  Rumour is that it will also include a boardgame section.