Next Meeting – 19th April 2016

The next meeting is on Tuesday 19th April at the Horse and Jockey pub in Stanford-in-the-Vale.  As usual, we will be playing shorter games from 7.30pm as people arrive, until 8pm when we will start something a little longer.

This week the “Feature Game” will be Colosseum, which is an older game where each player is a Roman impresario – producing great spectacles in his or her arena in the hopes of attracting the most spectators.  It has beautiful pieces and is currently out of print though a crowdfunding project has just finished that will hopefully mean it will become available again soon.

– Image by BGG contributor takras

And talking of Romans…

Julius Caesar was addressing the crowd in the Colosseum, “Friends, Romans and countrymen. I have returned from my campaign in France where I killed 50,000 Gauls!”

The crowd rose to its feet cheering, “Hail mighty Caesar!”

At this point Brutus jumped up and yelled, “Caesar lies – I’ve discovered he only killed 25,000!”

Caesar replied, “Yes, but remember that away Gauls count double in Europe.”