Boardgames in the News: Record-breaking Carcassonne

Hans-im-Gluk recently announced a new record breaking game of Carcassonne.  Three Swedish players laid 10,007 tiles in just twenty-five hours smashing the previous, ten year old German record of 4,194 in forty-three hours.  Paul Sydby, Marie Sydby and Robert Wagman played competitively over two days with Mikaela Lincoln Börjesson acting as stand-in when one of the others needed a break.  The rules were slightly modified for simplicity (for examples, there were no farmers) and everyone played “nicely” to keep things moving along efficiently.  Paul won the epic game with a total of 11,886, a little over one thousand points ahead of Robert in second place.  The biggest city scored eight hundred and fifty-five points and was shared by all three players while Paul took the longest road which was thirty-five tiles long.  The layout covered a massive ninety-two by one hundred and eight rectangle without gaps, and it took Paul approximately two weeks (at about an hour per day) to sort all the tiles back into their original one hundred and thirty-nine boxes!

Carcassonne Record 2016
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