Boardgames in the News: More Games Reporting from the BBC

In recent years, there have been a number of short articles on the BBC especially on the radio; over the Easter weekend there was more Gaming Goodness.  Saturday Live is the Radio 4 Saturday morning magazine show presented by Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard ColesLast Saturday, guests included the comedian Milton Jones, the fiddle player Sam Sweeney (formerly of Bellowhead) and Catherine Howell, collections manager at the V & A Museum of Childhood. This latter guest was of particular interest as Catherine Howell curated the museum’s exhibition “Game Plan: Board Games Rediscovered”.  This traces the the history of boardgames from Senet to Pandemic: Legacy and beyond and comes to the end of its run on 23rd April 2017.

Samira Ahmed with Tom Vasel
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Perhaps more interesting though was the Radio 4 documentary broadcast on Good Friday, called “Do Pass Go”.  Part of the “Seriously…” series, the half-hour program was presented by Samira Ahmed and included interviews with designers, reviewers and gamers with a visit to Spiel 2016 at Essen.  Much more than the usual five-minute clip, this is an in-depth study of the resurgence of analogue table top games in an increasingly digital world.  Both this and the Saturday Live article are available on iPlayer and for those who would like to know more there is also a blog post covering the making of “Do Pass Go”.

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