Boardgames in the News: The V&A on TODAY

With the increasing interest in modern boardgames and boardgame cafés, it is inevitable that the established media will take more of an interest.  So far we’ve had the articles in the scientific journal Nature, BBC Radio Oxford, The Guardian, BBC Radio 2, and Channel 4’s “What Britain Buys”.  Today the BBC’s flagship radio news program, “TODAY” joined the fray together with a report on the new games exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The interview with Catherine Howell (of the V&A) and Leslie Scott (designer of Jenga) is available to listen to on iPlayer and starts at starts 2hrs 46 mins in.  It is an interesting article that covers changes in games from Senet to modern games as well as explaining the four different types of games as presented at the exhibition (race, chase, displace and space).  The “Game Plan” exhibition opens this weekend at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green and will include over a hundred objects as well as an “interactive game”.  The event is at least in part inspired by the boardgame café Draughts who are holding a “Gaming in the Galleries” event at the museum later this month.

– Image by boardGOATS

Aren’t all games interactive?