Boardgames in the News: Playing with Your Food

KickStarter is a crowd-finding platform, where people seek financial support for their latest, greatest idea.  All sorts of bizarre and unusual things can be found there, as well as a lot of boardgames.  One of the more curious projects currently seeking financial support is “The Edible Games Cookbook“.  Designed by a professional game designer cum amateur baker, the hard-back book presents a series of “food experiences to play with friends and family”. The campaign page says that players “might be required to crack a secret code that’s baked into cream puffs; keep a straight face while eating something gross; conjure up a delectable morsel from a mishmash of ingredients; perform “sacred”, food-related rituals; test their memory and taste buds … and that’s only half the games”.  There is a sample chapter available, if you want to have your taste buds tickled, and the project runs until Friday 20th July 2018.

The Edible Games Cookbook
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