Goats in the News: Goats Climbing the Walls?

At times of stress, we all need a little light relief, and what better to provide it than a pair of  naughty goats.  Goats are well known for their climbing ability, and are often seen in argan trees in some areas of Morocco.  It is quite unusual to see them climbing roofs in Wales though.

Goats on Roof
– Image taken from msn.com video

Mable and the well-named Trouble, escaped from their garden in Blaencwm, Rhondda, and climbed twenty feet onto a neighbour’s roof. Fay Wilson-Yeates, filmed her efforts to get them down to show her husband, and the video is now being shared by everyone else too.  She is reported to have said, “I think it’s just what the world needs right now – my goats can bring a smile to people’s faces.”

– Video from youtube.com

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