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Goats in the News: The Goats are Back In Town…!

Last year, a group of Kashmiri goats went on the rampage in Llandudno.  It is actually not uncommon for them to visit the town when food is scarce, but now they are back, and thanks to a lack of contraception caused by the pandemic, there are more of them than ever.  Apparently they’ve been caught queuing at the chippy, waiting for a bus, and going to school—they are a very popular sight kidding around in town.

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Goats in the News: Escapees in Stanford-in-the-Vale

Last Friday there was a report of a couple of escaped goats in Stanford hiding in someone’s garden.  Today it looks like they have escaped again and are currently gambolling about in Joyces Road.  Maybe they fancied playing MetroX with us last night, but if so, someone should tell them that at the moment boardGOATS is meeting online so they can join in from wherever they are as long as they can get a decent inter-goat connection…

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Goats in the News: Goats on Zoom Make a Mint

Back in October, boardGOATS celebrated our 8th birthday.  We always have a bit of a party and play Crappy Birthday, but the current situation meant that this year it had to be held online.  So, to make it a bit more memorable, we had a special guest:  Elizabeth from Cronkshaw Fold Farm.  As well as entertaining people with yoga, Elizabeth and her friends from Rossendale in Lancashire are TV stars from The Great Staycation.

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Back in April, when everyone was stuck at home and so many meetings moved online, Cronkshaw‘s Chief Goat-Wrangler, Dot McCarthy, came up with the idea of hiring out members of the flock to “butt in” on conference calls.  What started off as a joke has now resulted in thousands of calls, all over the world, earning over £50,000.  When so many people have been furloughed, this has enabled the farm to keep on two employees full-time.  And the goats have brought a little bit of much needed fun into so many people’s lives; certainly, Elizabeth made a valued contribution to our birthday celebrations.

Goats in the News: Saving the Icelandic Goat

The Icelandic Goat or “settlement goat”, is an ancient breed of domestic goat thought to be of Norwegian origin and dating back to the settlement of Iceland over a thousand years ago.  Around a hundred years ago, numbers began to dwindle and the breed was on the verge of extinction.  Although numbers fluctuated, by the end of the twentieth century, numbers were in what appeared to be terminal decline.

Casanova the Icelandic Goat
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That was until Jóhanna Bergmann Þorvaldsdóttir made it her mission to save them, pretty much single handedly.  She left her job as a nurse, and began breeding goats.  Although the income was small, the flock grew to several hundred.  However, following Iceland’s financial collapse, the family farm of Háafell in Borgarbyggðthe, was at risk of foreclosure.  As a last ditch effort to save the flock, the family launched a crowdfunding campaign.  Partly thanks to a starring appearance in the fourth series of Game of Thrones, nearly £90,000 was raised to keep the dragon from the door.

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So the story has a happy ending:  the farm is now thriving with sales of milk, cheese and meat and the media flock to see the flock and report the tale.  And the numbers of Icelandic Goats have increased from less than a hundred in 1962, to nearly 1,500 today.  Even Casanova, the goat that was snatched by Drogon the Dragon, lived to tell the tale.

Jóhanna Bergmann Þorvaldsdóttir with an Icelandic Goat
– Image by Art Bicnick