Goats in the News: Goats on Zoom Make a Mint

Back in October, boardGOATS celebrated our 8th birthday.  We always have a bit of a party and play Crappy Birthday, but the current situation meant that this year it had to be held online.  So, to make it a bit more memorable, we had a special guest:  Elizabeth from Cronkshaw Fold Farm.  As well as entertaining people with yoga, Elizabeth and her friends from Rossendale in Lancashire are TV stars from The Great Staycation.

– Image from cronkshawfoldfarm.co.uk

Back in April, when everyone was stuck at home and so many meetings moved online, Cronkshaw‘s Chief Goat-Wrangler, Dot McCarthy, came up with the idea of hiring out members of the flock to “butt in” on conference calls.  What started off as a joke has now resulted in thousands of calls, all over the world, earning over £50,000.  When so many people have been furloughed, this has enabled the farm to keep on two employees full-time.  And the goats have brought a little bit of much needed fun into so many people’s lives; certainly, Elizabeth made a valued contribution to our birthday celebrations.