Next Meeting, 11th May 2021 – Online!

Spring is here, the evenings are getting brighter and it feels like the end is in sight, maybe.  People still need what social contact they can get though, and board games are a great medium for that.  Despite the limitations of “remote gaming“, everyone feels it is important to stay in touch, so we are persisting with online meetings.  Therefore, our next meeting will be on Tuesday 11th May 2021; we will gather from around 7.30pm, and start playing at 8pm.

This week, the “Feature Game” will be the Neue Entdeckungen (New Discoveries) expansion to Cartographers.  This is a “Roll and Write” game we’ve played and enjoyed quite a bit, but this expansion adds a new map with more wastelands to try to work with.

Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale
– Image by boardGOATS

And talking of cartographers…

Jeff’s cartographer wife, Jill, was worried she’d lost some very important topographical maps.  They spent all morning trying to find them, looking high and low. Eventually, when all hope was lost and Jill thought she was going to have to start again from scratch, Jeff opened a desk draw they had already searched twice, and there they were.

When Jeff showed his wife what he’d found, she said, “Oh, that’s a relief…!”