Goats in the News: The Danger of Goaty Selfies

Over the last couple of years, Llandudno has made the news thanks to visits from a flock of Kashmir goats.  The infamous goats are once more causing problems, but this time it is a result of their newfound fame.  The goats have returned to the Great Orme peninsula, a nature reserve in Conwy, but their notoriety has attracted tourists taking selfies inspiring the Llandudno Coastguard to comment:

We are particularly concerned about reports that people are placing themselves in danger to view the goats up close and to take photos.  The goats are safe, they aren’t trapped and are just exploring a new part of the Great Orme.  We urge you not to place yourselves in danger to view the goats and to stay on Marine Drive where it is safe and a great vantage point to see the goats.

Llandudno Goats
– Image from facebook.com