Goats in the News: Kids Help with Hospital Stress

Baby goats are adorably cute.  Even watching just a few seconds of kidding around makes people smile and that alleviates stress.  It should be no surprise then that in a trial in Portland Oregon, baby goats have been found to help to relieve stress of staff an patients as reported by the BBC this week.  Hospitals are noisy, chaotic places which doesn’t help patients to recover or staff perform at their best.  They have designed gardens to reduce stress levels and, from time to time, a flock of two-week old baby goats come to visit.  Staff and patients alike report finding it very soothing and relaxing cuddling the little kids, even the video is cheering.  And the kids seem to like the attention too.

Baby Goat at Hospital in Portland Oregon
– from bbc.co.uk

– from twitter.com