Next Meeting, 26th July 2022

Our next meeting will be Tuesday 26th July 2022.  As usual, we will start playing shorter games from 7.30pm as people arrive, until 8pm when we will start something a little longer (table is booked from 6.30pm for those who would like to eat first).

Following the recent announcement of the Spiel des Jahres Award Winners, this week the “Feature Game” will be the Spiel des Jahres nominee, SCOUT (review, rules & how-to-play video).  This is a short ladder-climbing game that should leave time to play some of the other games that received nominations or recommendations this year like Trek 12: Himalaya (how-to-play video) and Ark Nova (tutorial & play-through) or the Kennerspiel winner Living Forest (set up and rules video).

– Image by BGG contributor kalchio

And speaking of ladders…

Jeff ran into the house shouting, “Mum, Mum! I’ve knocked the ladder down outside!!”

His mother replied, “Well, don’t bother me, go and tell your dad.”

Jeff answered, “Um, he already knows, he’s hanging off the roof…”