The GOAT Awards

The idea of the “Golden GOAT” is that we choose the most popular game played by the group during the year.  There is also a companion award acknowledging our least favourite game of the year, known as the “GOAT Poo” prize.  The voting and award is made at the annual “Un-Christmas Dinner” and everyone who attends has up to three points to hand out for the Golden GOAT Award (plus a bonus if wearing Festive Attire), and everyone can nominate up to two individual games for the GOAT Poo Prize.  There is also the unofficial “Marmite Factor” award for a notable number of nominations for both the Golden GOAT and the GOAT Poo awards.

Award winners for previous years are:

2022 (Details)
Golden GOAT Winner: Everdell
Honourable Mentions: Endeavor, Cascadia,
Old London Bridge, Splendor,
Tapestry, Die Wandelnden Türme
Winners: Disney’s Villainous – The Worst takes it All
“GOAT Marmite-factor”
Notables:  Dice Hospital, Azul, Modern Art & Viticulture
“Moment of the Year” Burgundy‘s last Games Night at the 2022 UnChristmas Dinner
Honourable Mentions: the epic games of Viticulture and Tapestry and
Lilac nobbling Pine in Turf Horse Racing
2021 (Details)
Golden GOAT Winner: Praga Caput Regni
Runner up: Wingspan
Honourable Mentions: Downforce &
Ticket to Ride
(inc. Heart of Africa and Japan Maps)
Winners: Dingo’s Dreams Dishonourable Mention: Tiny Towns
“GOAT Marmite-factor”
Notables: Mercado de Lisboa
& Draftosaurus
“Moment of the Year” Pink stealing gems in
Niagara (and winning as a result)
2020 (Details)
Golden GOAT Winner: 6 Nimmt!
Runner up: Wingspan
Honourable Mentions: Kingdomino &
Terraforming Mars
Winners: Covid-19 &
Camel Up
Dishonourable Mentions:
Terrafoming Mars
& Welcome To…
“GOAT Marmite-factor”
Winner: Terraforming Mars
“Moment of the Year” Lime playing the French
at 6 Nimmt!
2019 (Details)
Golden GOAT


Winner: Wingspan
Runner up: Key Flow
Honourable Mentions: Gingerbread House,
Lords of Vegas, Villagers, Tokaido
& Boom Boom Balloon
Winner: 7 Wonders
“GOAT Marmite-factor”
Winner: Tapestry Honourable Mention: 7 Wonders
2018 (Details)
Golden GOAT


Winner:  Altiplano Honourable Mentions:  Yokohama
Keyflower: The Farmers
GOAT Poo Winner:  Queendomino
“GOAT Marmite-factor”
Winners: Endeavor
& Yardmaster
“Moment of the Year”
Playing Rock-Paper-Scissors
(during Walk the Plank!)
Honourable Mention:
The perennial Saboteur



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