Planning Stages

So, after a lot of deliberation and many trips to the Jockey for a quick card game and a drink (which no doubt started a lot of gossip), we have a “day”, we have a venue, and we have a name, so then we got a website – and this is it.  As the name suggests, we are going to meet on alternate Tuesdays in Stanford at the Horse and Jockey pub.  The intention is that this website will be a record of the games played as well as a way of publicising meetings, so it is only fair to mention here some of the games we played during the planning stages…!

  • Citadels
  • The Bean Game (Bohnanza)
  • Mr. Jack Pocket
  • Saturn
  • Court of the Medici
  • Jamaica
  • Dixit
  • Die Erbtante
  • Jaipur
  • Hamburgum (or perhaps Londonum?)

Yes, we spent quite a lot of time thinking about it and playing games in the pub!

Oh yes, and we have settled on Tuesday 2nd October for the big day.

The Horse and Jockey Pub

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