2nd October 2012

The first meeting of boardGOATS was held on Tuesday 2nd October.  We kicked off at 8pm with a four player game of Jamaica (the evening’s “Feature Game“).  Jamaica is a beautiful game where everyone gets to play at being pirates.  So, there was plenty of raiding, pillaging, and general skull-duggery in what was a hard fought game, that ended up with a winning margin of 24 to 13.

– Image by BGG contributor ennio_lombardi

Next we played a closely contested, boat-based 6-player game called Abandon Ship.  This is an unusual looking game where the aim is to prevent your rats from drowning as the S.S. Nvrsnks sinks.  In our case three of the rats failed to make it.

Abandon Ship
– Image by BGG contributor binraix

The final game of the night continued the watery theme with Kai Piranja (also known as Somethin’ Fishy).  This is a quick playing, light hearted, “press your luck” game, which (it turned out) some of us were good at and others very, very bad at indeed.

Somethin' Fishy
– Image by BGG contributor Carrotteer

Learning Outcome:  Just because you can throw a ten or an explosion dice repeatedly at will, doesn’t mean you will be able to avoid your row of fish being eaten by sharks!