Next Meeting – 31st December 2014

Following the success of last year’s New Year party, we have decided that our next meeting will be on Wednesday 31st December.  As it is New Year’s Eve we will be starting early and we will be meeting in a private house in Stanford with food later.  Please get in touch if you would like to come along so we know how much food to make.

The plan is to start off early with the “Feature Game”, which, As has become traditional, will be the gorgeous, dexterity car-racing game, PitchCar.  We will be eating later and maybe set off some fireworks at midnight, depending on how cold it is!


And talking of cars…

A policeman sees an elderly woman driving incredibly slowly on the motorway, so he pulls along side and notices her knitting in the driver’s seat.  She remains focussed on the road and keeps knitting and driving.

He beeps his horn to get her attention, but she is oblivious and carries on.

Getting more frustrated, the policeman turns his siren on and, as she finally notices him, he signals for her to wind the window down.

After a time she finds the button and down goes the window.

Incensed, the cop yells, “PULL OVER!”

“Oh, no sweetie,” she replies.  “It’s a scarf, see?”