boardGOATS: 200 Posts

This is the 200th post on our website!

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We are only a little club with a small web presence, but here are a few of our statistics:

  • Since our first post on 6th September 2012, we’ve had 6,746 views;
  • Our best month was January 2015 when we had 646 visits and 382 visitors;
  • Our best day was 5th February 2015, the day after we shared an amusing flow-chart which has since become our most popular page;
  • We have 148 followers through Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, email and WordPress;
  • Google is our most frequent referrer with 687 transfers so far this year alone;
  • Most search terms that have led to our site are hidden by the searcher’s browser, though it is reassuring to find that variations on “boardGOATS” are the most common;
  • Some of the curious search strings that have led people to our site include,
    horse racing dice lagoon group” and “jeff takenoko“;
  • We get 17% of our views on a Tuesday which presumably reflects that we meet on a Tuesday evening, however, the intersection of that group and the 11% who view the site at around 10pm must be sorry to find out they’ve missed most of it!