Next Meeting – 31st December 2020

Following the success of all the previous New Year parties, everyone wanted to have one this year too.  Obviously, we can’t play the traditional PitchCar or share a meal together, so instead, we will be starting late and running until midnight when we will be sharing a toast to the end of 2020 and to meeting again at The Jockey in 2021.

The plan is to start at 9pm with the “Feature Game”.  In the absence of PitchCar, the nearest online alternative is Downforce which we can play online using Board Game Arena.  This is a card-driven, bidding, racing, and betting game, based on the older games, Top Race and Daytona 500.

– Adapted by boardGOATS from image
by BGG contributor kalchio

And talking of betting…

Every year, at New Year, Jeff would help the local farmer with the first of the lambing.  It had become tradition that every year, on New Year’s Eve, Jeff and the farmer would bet on which lamb would jump the highest.  They loved to gambol…